From setting up a wireless network so you can surf the net with your laptop/ipod touch from bed, or browse the internet with your wii or PSP to installing network cables between rooms for your home or small business network, FixIT has got you covered. Just ask, for professional advice on the best solution to your networking challenge or for information on the hardware you need to get all your computers and devices working seamlessly.

If you’ve just gotten ADSL or want to upgrade from Dialup internet, we can offer the best advice on what provider will best suit your needs and budget, or help you get your hardware setup and dialed in.

FixIt can help you with the following:

  • Wireless Router installation and setup with all your wireless devices
  • Sharing your internet with more than one computer
  • Setting up your new internet connection (adsl or cable)
  • Installing Virus Protection software for safe internet browsing
  • Network backbone to connect all your non-wireless devices
  • Installing a wireless printer or media center
  • Extending the range of your wifi

It doesn’t stop here, just contact us to ask about anything else you need.

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