Websites and Design

Ever wanted your own website? Not happy with your current website? We specialize in helping people use the internet in a way that works for them. Not everyone can be a designer or coder, yet just because you have other skills, doesn’t mean that you can’t be in control of your online presence. Do you want to pay someone hundreds every time you want to update your content? Wouldn’t you rather do it yourself? If only it was that easy.

Well it can be. That’s why we specialise in a platform called wordpress. WordPress allows you to have your own website, and make changes and updates via an easy to use control panel that’s no more complicated then posting on a forum. Your changes are live instantly and you can customize your site to look like almost anything.

FixIT can help you with hosting your wordpress site, or simply to install it on your current provider, or arrange your own hosting service. We can work with you to make sure your site has the appearance you want, that it matches your branding, and show you the ropes of running your site.

Take a look at just a sample of the diverseness and adaptability of wordpress sites here.


  • (optional) $25/yr for hosting (domain name extra if you want to have your own domain)
  • $50 install wordpress, show you how to choose a theme
  • (optional) $30/hr for training on wordpress (For most people, 30min to 60min is sufficient).
  • (optional)$30/hr to customize your template and blog to match your brand/original website.